Here’s Our Secret!

Most website owners do not like to disclose the tools they use to build their site and while you probably didn’t come here to learn how to build a site we thought that we would share with you how we built just in case you were wondering

Anyone can build a website these days but building a great website requires some special tools.  Below are the tools we used to build this site for your enjoyment.  Of course you can build a website with other tools but these are the ones we used and we love them.  They are most excellent and highly recommended.  We do earn a commission for the sale of any of the products below.

Thanks so much and enjoy the journey!!


Keyword Research

Getting ranked in the search engines takes keyword research and there is no better tool than Market Samurai

Try Market Samurai For Free!


Web Hosting

Excellent web hosting for a great price at Ipage!  We love the excellent support, easy to use system and unlimited features!



Premium WordPress Themes

Yes, you can use a free WordPress theme for your site but you will never regret upgrading to all of the super professional website themes at Elegant


OptIn Forms

Our email subscriber opt-in forms are designed using this premium WordPress plugin called OptIn Skin.  It is easy and professional.  Anyone can do it and everyone will love it!


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