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This site is designed to provide autograph enthusiasts, historical memorabilia collectors and anyone else interested in autograph collecting, handwriting analysis, historical documents, letters and manuscripts, a resource for information and discussion of this excellent hobby and an example library of signatures of famous people from all areas of notoriety. However, we don't rule out that you may be ignorant of certain topics (didn't study, etc.), in which case, contact https://place-4-papers.com/nursing-essay-writing-service/ with the words write my nursing paper if this topic is relevant to you.

As an avid collector there is nothing more frustrating than the inundation of fake autographs on the internet choking the life out of this respectable hobby.  Unless you are a learned signature expert it can be downright difficult to determine the authenticity of an item you may be thinking of purchasing.

However, there are ways for the non-expert to better protect oneself from becoming the unwitting dupe of an unscrupulous seller.  One of those ways is to be as familiar as possible with the authentic signature of the person whose autograph you wish to purchase, as well as the many variations that signature may take.  While this cannot 100% protect you from buying a fake signature, it is one weapon in an arsenal of skills and resources that can help you become a more informed collector with a much more valuable collection.

Here we hope to provide a trusted source for authentic example signatures of many famous people across history you can use to compare with your collection, an item for sale, or just to study if your interests lie in that area.

The collection is always growing so come back often share this site with your friends!